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From dawn till dusk
How we visited Daytona

Part II

15.10.2004. The pants were stolen!!! which I the day before had laundered and hung to get dried on the hand-rail of the second floor just opposite the door of our room in the Holiday Inn Motel.

We set out. We came to Texas. The first big city is the famous Spanish-speaking El Paso, one half of which is on the American territory, the other is on the Mexican one. In El Paso we visited a shoe store of probably half-IKEA size, where only kazaki! are sold! Prices for kazaki vary from 40 to 1 600$. We also found near the shoe store a Harley Davidson shop where I bought a lid for the gasoline tank of V-Rod which I earlier had lost, for 17 American dollars. Prices were stated without tax of 5% to 8% depending on the state. We went from El Paso taking the same 10 Route (which, by the way, starts from Los Angeles and ends just near Daytona in Jankonville town) in the direction of San Antonio. En route mopedists began to come across us apparently rushing to the same place as we did. We stopped in Ozona. As the owner of an alcoholic beverage shop said us proudly: Ozona is the smallest village in Texas! We could indeed discover in the gloaming one gas filling station, three motels and four dwelling houses. At that there was a freshly-washed Honda Volkiria near one of the houses.

This is not true that all girls in America are fat and ugly. We saw at a filling station in Ozona a lovely one (later my supposition that there are beautiful American girls will be fortified more than once).

16.10.2004. Today we passed through San Antonia, the third city by size of the largest state of the country - Texas. Passing the Spanish-speaking part of the state we practically did not see afro-Americans, whereas in big cities of Houston type there are a lot of them. On the highway there are many wild animals knocked down and crushed such as gray foxes or rates or skunks (!?!), as well as roes (or deer) knocked down by a car, it was difficult for me not being an experienced naturalist to define a species of killed animals by fragments of bodies, especially at the speed of 80 miles per hour.

We went half the day without helmets it is considered by locals as hot rodding. On the one of REST AREA I saw for the first time that two girls of 18-19 years old drove an enormous tractor with no less enormous semi-trailer

17.10.2004. We spent the night in Houston. We swam in the swimming pool and set out in the direction of New Orleans. By the way, when driving out the hotel Lekha first ran into none other than my V-ROD! But not seriously.

Leaving Texas we came to Port Arthur we were nevertheless longing for familiar names, or simply we wanted to see the Golf of Mexico, I don't remember exactly.

In Port Arthur one good Yankee pointed at a screw stuck into the V-Rod rear wheel which distressed me a little. Being afraid of overturning I had been seeking help from Harley Service for two days, but vainly: Sunday is Holliday , Monday is Closed . So the screw reached in my wheel Daytona, and later Atlanta, and moreover when you are reading these lines it is still in the wheel! God bless of America!

The day before I watched on TV an interesting broadcast where the police gave chase to hooligans, crashed their cars by its ones and then certainly struck hooligans in the face and bound their hands So we were going today through Louisiana, disturbing no one, suddenly I saw in the rear-view mirror a lot of flashers; fortunately we went on the right traffic lane that was a real chase. Four police cars at a very high speed pursued a lad on Toyota. It will be observed that the Highway Patrol frequently uses sports cars such as Mitsubishi 3 000 GT. Try to escape!

At one of filling stations we were photographed with a group of afro-Americans, 12-15 people . Everybody on tuning sports bikes. They posed for a picture, and at parting one of them said in Russian: Do svidaniya! (Good bye!)

18.10.2004. We crossed Louisiana and Alabama. The states along Highway 10 are not big. We made an overnight stop at Panama City near the place called Santa-Monika (Florida). We left the Highway and take 98 Route along the Golf of Mexico everywhere there were demolitions after recent typhoons. We drove on the bridges of 20 miles long passing over marches.

19.10.2004. We passed Florida by 98 Route, came at Punchekol many houses are offered for sale after typhoons, even destructed bridges are restored. Everywhere the police watched that speed regulations be observed. There were a lot of trailers with boats, launches, very many pick-ups. We passed a very big air base, F-16 took off and landed one after another. We stopped in Oskala (300 km till the finish).