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Motor race diary


Murmansk Oslo Stockholm Tallin Saint Petersburg Moscow

The first of July

Two days ago we sent the motorcycles, namely Suzuki-GSX 1100 G and Honda Trans Alp 400, by baggage wagon to Murmansk . This pleasure cost us 3000 rubles. This evening we are flying out from Domodedovo, and tomorrow morning we are going to start from the Murmansk square westward to Norway . In Domodedovo after we had been sitting in the plane for two hours we were transferred to another plane because of the absence of crew as they explained it.

The second of July

The heat of 25 degrees centigrade. After a cold Moscow it was so nice. Having taken the bikes, we arrived at the central square and met local bikers on a new Yamaha who made a lap of honour around us not even giving a nod in salutation. Before departure we gave a modest interview to the Murmansk newspaper Polyarnaya Zvezda and to the Murmansk TV channel. The road to Perkines is 230 km . On the way to the frontier zone we met an armored vehicles convoy coming from the opposite direction after what we looked like two sand drifts with wheels. The road is being actively repaired. It is all filled up with sand piles, we hardly passed through even on motorcycles. As to cars it would have been simply impossible.

We successfully passed through the Russian customs despite the fact that they placed us at the end of queue as we had tried to go through without it, and told us not to be impudent. The Norwegian party welcomed us with a bang. I was accompanied by the Finnish party, Yurik with the French one. Schengen after all. Having passed the first 100km across Norway we bathed our boots in the North Sea and met several bikers. Leather trousers made themselves felt. We took the route E6, after Tana-Bru we went to Karasyok where Yurik barely knocked a deer down, as it seemed to me from behind. In the town of Karasyok not in the least a sober man when he knew that we were from Russia asked us to give him a grass. After we had flurried about ten hamlets we found the place to put up a tent near the lack the water in which was of 25-30 degrees.

The third of July

At 7.00 o'clock a clang of tracks awoke us. As it proved to be, it was a tractor that the whole morning carried long pillars near our tent for I don't know what purpose. We started, having passed five km Suzuki stopped. We set out to Nord-Cap the most northern cape of Europe of the 71 st parallel. On the way to Nord-Cap we passed 4 tunnels, one of which of 8 km length was toll (190 kr). This tunnel runs under the gulf. Nord-Cap is a rock, on the top of which there is a viewing platform on the altitude of 300m above the sea level. But unfortunately we saw nothing, as there was a thick fog. And the weather left much to be desired, we felt cold even in raincoats. At Nord-Cap there were a lot of autocampings and bikers from Holland , Denmark , Germany , Finland , Canada , Sweden . On the way back the Suzuki broke. As we found out there was an obstruction of all four carburetors. We dragged them out and washed together with gasoline tank. It took us a rather much time in the end a negative result. We reached the first gasoline station on the rope behind Honda, stayed overnight just near gas filling station StatOil hungry and angry. The tent of a young German couple was put up next to us, they passed two thousand and half km on bicycles for Nord-Cap, for them it was just a leave. There were many bicycles on the route. By the way, when we poured off gasoline from the gas storage tank and sought for tanks on roadside we found two bottles, one vodka Istok, the other Yarpivo, but no Russian we saw.

The fourth of July

Today we go to bed satisfied and happy on the bank of Feord near Narvik. In the morning we filled up the whole tank with gasoline and, thank God, went. We arrived in Yalta, took a snack, chat with Finns who were going on three motorcycles to a bike show in the north of Finland and invited us, but we, namely Yurik, refused, as if we had own rock'n'roll and beer. Landscapes fiords fogs clouds snows. In the evening we started meeting bikers coming from the opposite direction - evidently to the show to Finland . We did not put down our hands for salutation. There were bikes of practically all models. Yura bought staghorn, evidently in memory of a deer survived by a miracle.

The fifth of July

In the morning we came to Narvik. It is a wonder the first traffic lights for thousand km. In the morning I discovered that the rear wheel was worn out up to the cord, and it was for three days We went through the pass, there were tough turnings around. We sailed on a ferry. There was no road. We made acquainted with Danes who were on leave in Norway for the second time with camping trailers. They were glad to see Russians and are good people in general. There were so many tunnels that it seemed that we went underground more often than outside. Today a Volvo speeding at 100 km/hour caught us up, in spite of speed limitation of 90 km/h . Polar circle high-mountain table-land justifying its name it was very cold. We stayed on the river bank.

The sixth of July

In the morning we entered Mo I Rana. Further the road ran across wood between mountains and rivers. Then P-1 overtook us on a highway spiral. But we caught it up. Further we turned off from E- 6 in search of BELERAINEN a place where 6000 years ago the man left petroglyphic drawings. It was getting warm, there were more people in two-lane traffic and a lying policeman. Automatic traffic control camera.

The seventh of July

We woke up, came to Tronhaim the third city of Norway by size. On the way we met an exclusive Harley 9 that brought us to the motor salon, changed rear rubber for Suzuki. We visited the cathedral-fortress, drove in Russian on the wrong side of the road, not understanding why they winked. Entry into Lilliputhammer. Raufost Viking MC hearty welcome, exchange of souvenirs. Lady MC from Sweden . We drank beer, spoke about bikes, guys ride old Harleys, have two-storey clubhouse with a lot of premises. They gave to drink, eat and put to sleep.

The eighth of July

Omelet. Farewell with Viking MC. On the way there was a permanent odour emanating from cows and freshly cut grass. Arrival in Oslo . Blackness is everywhere Blacks, Arabs, Vietnamese people and this is in the closest European country. It rained heavily, there was a thunderstorm and a traffic jam at the exit. We went to Sweden . At the border we met two Saint Petersburg vans. The Swedes drive much faster.

The ninth of July

We woke up where we went to sleep in the wood near ELKINSTUNA. We ate at a real smorgasbord table (a lot of grub, number of approaches is not limited) and for 120 Swedish tugriks only. Afterwards we arrived in Stockholm 670 000 people. The city is situated on the numerous islands. We bought tickets to Finland for a ferry, went for a walk buying souvenirs on the way. Stockholm architecturally resembles Saint Petersburg . There were many bikes on a ferry, we made acquainted with a Dane on Harley electroglide. Everyone called Yurik as Uri-Uri.

The tenth of July

Ferry. Russian lift. Voronezh karaoke. Finland met us with rain, there are many video cameras, therefore it becomes clear that it is the main item of income of the local police. Not reaching Helsinki we lost our way, and a Finn enthusiast, in spite of the fact that he was in the car with the child, spent half an hour bringing us out to the highway, waited at a gas filling station and gave us a map. When we arrived in Russia the Suzuki broke again it took us record 20 minutes to clean out carburetors. Russia rain gas filling station. We asked where we could have a snack, we were told that if we rode bikes then there would be the bar Wigwam 10 km away. We found it indeed but not 10 km away, but 50 km away. Saint Petersburg . No one motorcyclist. Exchange square WC signboard below which there are autobuses with hoses going into pits it is a very unusual WC type.

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