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Lease of motorcycles and motor convoy

Call: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109

Motor convoy

We are offering exclusive service- convoy by police motorcycles Kawasaki KZ 1000- up to 5 units.

Motor convoy. Tel.: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109

The cost of convoy by one motorcycle with a cycler- 1000 rubles/ per hour.

Minimum time of service rendering:

  • From Monday to Thursday - 3 hours + 1 hour of serving
  • From Friday to Sunday - 4 hours + 1 hour of serving

All the cyclers are professionals and are provided with branded equipment and all the necessary things for all-weather trips.

Motor convoy. Tel.: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109 Motor convoy. Tel.: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109 Motor convoy. Tel.: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109

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Lease of motorcycles

We offer police motorcycles Kawarsaki KZ 1000 for lease.

Lease of motorcycles Kawarsaki KZ 1000

Terms of lease

Cost of lease- 3000 rubles/ per hour.

In case of lease of a motorcycle for more than 1 week, the cost shall be separately stipulated.

The cost of lease includes Mandatory automobile liability insurance (OSAGO) and Comprehensive insurance (KASKO), unconditional franchise amounts to 18 500 rubles. In accordance with the conditions of insurance from 0:00 to 6:00 the motorcycle shall be situated in a protected territory otherwise compensation of any damages caused during this period of time shall be incurred by the lessee. In case of motorcycle driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs the lessee shall bear full responsibility in case of damage.

Form of payment: bank transfer, cash.

100% of prepayment shall be made in case of motorcycle reservation.

Minimum term of lease - 24 hours.

In case of delay in return of a motorcycle for more than 2 hours, additional payment shall be effected for round the clock.

In order to reserve a motorcycle the lessee shall present its passport, driving license of the category A as well as to show driving skills upon receipt thereof.

Minimum age of the lessee- 21 years

Limitation of race- 200 km./ per day, each additional km. - 7 rubles

Motorcycle may be supplied to any corner of Moscow and Moscow region for additional payment.

The motorcycle shall be given to the lessee clean and fully fuelled and in the same condition it shall be returned otherwise the sum for expenses shall be deducted from deposit.

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Call: (495) 9919921, (495) 9715109