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Ride 2006

"Winter madness"

Moscow – Grodno – Warsaw – Wroclaw – Dresden – Passaw



"Wind will flow – and wave will be,
Wind falls – and wave comes down.
They must have been old friends,
Cause they understand each other so!"

Ki-no Tsurajuki (494 year before AD)

And so we started out…We had our way through Poland to Germany… The way was the following: Moscow – Grodno – Warsaw- Wroclaw – Dresden – Passaw.

I would not describe all our adventures, because it sends cold shivers just from recollection. I would say that it was very, very cold. For example, on approaching to Warsaw with 100% humidity the temperature of air was 29 degrees centigrade. And we had to survive it driving a motor-cycle! At first we had a plan to drive the motor-cycles by two, but soon understood that it was impossible. Divided in two assault teams, we drove our iron hoses in turn: ones went astride, the others were having blissout in a car.

It had to do justice to Belorussian guys, especially to Maklaut and Vasiliy Alibabaevich – they had an unequal fight for each motor-cycle.

Our special troop consisted of two motors Ural, two “caciques” (K 750) and our Suzuki. All of them were with carriages. One of Urals (besides, it was equipped with a covered bucket with heating) demanded to change plugs every 20-30 km. The astral overspeed limiter, which began to work at a speed of 40 km/h, turned on at the other one and refused to go faster. The creators of Suzuki VX had to hiccup when we tried to start it in temperature minus 30 degrees. In distinct from the native technique, which started in any cold weather with “a mule”, Suzuki refused to start with the help of this method.
A fight, I would outbrave this word – a battle, was for life of every motor. Even Diesel engine in a car of escort became cold a few times and we had to make fires for warmness under its fuel tank.

In the first day of our race in Poland we spent all day for going through a border and for repairing the technique. So, the biggest part of our way we passed in the dark. That is why, we, without any wish to do so, became motor vampires – in the night we were driving in coldness, during day we were sleeping… if you saw faces of policemen who were standing at the roads with opened from surprise mouths. It seemed that we made an indelible impression with our “Zonder group”.
But, as it turned out, we were driving in more or less tolerable conditions. Near the German border we reached four fellow countrymen, leading by Vardan from a group “ALKASHI”, who “were driving” on three enduro class motor-cycles without buckets!!! They started out from Sochi on January 13!!! Their race to one direction, Sochi – Passaw was 4500 km. On ahead I would say that it were they who had won a prize ELEFANTENA for the sharpest race. Honor and glory to these guys! The victory was won at the cost of one lost motor-cycle and frostbitten (thanks God it was not critical) person of one of the ALKASHImen.

So, exactly on Friday January 27, we came to the place Solla, which was near Passaw, exactly to the beginning of a motor show. Our losses – one Ural and one “caciques”, which was left at the roads of Poland.

This time at the meeting of Russian elephants the representation of a Russian community was more than representative. We came last and our friends from the club “Bastards of Mascow” carefully prepared (cleared from snow by tractor) a place for a camp. Besides “Bastards” there were representatives of Belorussian “Rolling Anarshy”, “Grizly”, “Iron Brothers”, Jaroslavsky “Black Bears”, international “ALKASHI”, and of course Free riders like me. Totally there were forty Russians. That was, for a ten thousand hangout not much, but picturesque guys from “Bastards”, dressed in the officers sheepskin, making a facade of presence of hundreds of Russians, at intervals checking “ausvice” of German, Italian, Belgian, Holland, Spain and others.

As I said before, ELEPHANTEN TREFFEN” carried out for the 50 time. The title was translated as “Hangout of elephants”. It appeared firstly, out of big motor-cycles with gearing to the bucket “Tsundup”, which German called “Elephants”, secondly, out of thick-skinned (as well as elephants) motor-cycles, which were eager to hangout even in a fierce cold in banks of snow.

Hangout of Elephants was carried out for the 18th time in one and the same place, Solla. It is a foothill of Alps. The place was very hilly and the whole camp, properly, was situated at the slopes of one of the mountains. That was why it was possible to drive, descending, but drive to the mountain was unlikely. Organizers were carefully taking out the motor tourists with the help of offroader Land Rover booted in chains. Besides, the organizers prepared a great program for participants. For example: competitions in siding over the rope, saw wood for a speed, ring races of motor cycles with buckets. The prizes were given for the following nominations:

  • The biggest motor club;
  • The most beautiful handmade thing;
  • The furthest way (Russia!!!);
  • The furthest woman (Russia!!! – deputy Mayor of Jaroslavl Ljudmila Vasiljevna).

The most surprising was perhaps the atmosphere of a holiday. Motor-cycles from all countries of Europe gathered to have a rest with “brothers of mind”, to share thoughts, ideas, experience. Everywhere there were lively talks, became new acquaintances, etc. Everywhere were mini cafes, where people were buying popular drinks – tea with rum, a mulled wine and a popular “Eger Master”.

A separate tractate might be written about technique, on which the participants came. As cars quadro-cycles and everything, which drove with four wheels, were not allowed to, so everyone had to carry things for 3km. at his own back, or on a sledge, or on a bike. A wonderful spectacle: loaded motor-cycles with hitched sledges, loaded with tents, stoves, wood and so on.

The weather in a foothill of Alps was rather strange. The sun was shining in the afternoon and air was warmed to minus fifteen. That was why many tents were equipped with gas warmers. For example, there was such like in our tent, and twelve people were sleeping there at a time for warmth.

Generally people were surviving as they could. Somebody drank to unconsciousness, somebody basked near the fire all day long, and some even took bathes with them, heated ice in them and had a Jacuzzi, putting a bath on the fire.
We must say about the role of the Russian delegation. Firstly, Russians in that anniversary time took all prizes at the most meaningful nominations. Secondly, Russians striked Europeans by long transfer and freezing tolerance. Many Russian motor-tourists were very interested in races along Russia: they were interested in Siberia, Far East, Altai. The territory of Russia for them was an inviting unknown area.

And finally I would like to thank organizers of ELEFANT for such a kind and warm entertainment. And, of course, to pay tribute to guys from Russia and Belorussia.

The audience at the festival was different: from small to big. A one grand-father named Horst Hartman, who had been at all fifty meetings, even came.


It is necessary to say about a sole motor-cycle Ural, on which the “Bastards of Mascow” came. He almost reached Passaw, being dead on approach.

Naturally, noone was going to carry it back, and it was planned to be sold.

And so, after a small advertising company a beautiful, all pasted with trifles motor-cycle was bought by young German for 450 Euro. It should be noticed, there were too much admirers of native motor industry in Germany. Here and there native Urals and Dneprs with German numbers passed here through.

Nearly agreed to sell their “wonder”, the “Bastards” made a decision not to sell but to fire the motor! And that was made precisely at midnight from Saturday to Sunday with disapproving cries of organizers. The organizers later materialized their cries into 1000 Euro of fine for damage, done for ecology.