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We offer a journey by motorcycles
on route Vladivostok – Saint Petersburg
through Russia

"Discovery of Russia
from Pasific Ocean to Baltics"

This route was passed by a team of English aristocrats headed by lord Nikolas Firefance in 2005 ( White Nights Ride 2005. Vladivostok - S.-Petersburg). We tool into account all advantages and disadvantages of the said journey and are ready to provide groups consisting of 10 – 20 persons and secure them maximum possible comfort and safety.


Maximum kilometers traveled – 11 000 km

Travelling time – 21 days

21 days

Start from the city of Vladivostok


The group is accompanied with the guide who speaks English on a motorcycle, connected with a technical support jeep by means of radio The technical support jeep transports a part of the luggage of motorcyclists, the security guard-driver, the guide who speaks English or German.

The Route includes all large Siberian and Far East cities and implies visiting local sights and meetings with local motor clubs


  1. Delivery of the motorcycle from Moscow or Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok. –
  2. Visa support.
  3. Meeting and transfer from airports in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok. –
  4. Accommodation.
  5. Oils and benzene.
  6. Insurance of life and health.
  7. Complete set of additional tires.

Not included:

  1. Nutrition (payment is affected by traffic capital from total money).
  2. Flight from/to Russia and through Russia from Moscow/ Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok.
  3. Insurance of legal liability.
  4. Lease of the motorcycle
                  BMW 650 Dakar 650 ๑์3  
    Honda TransAlp 750 ๑์3
    Honda Africa Twin 750 ๑์3
     - $ 80 per day
    Kawa KLR 650 ๑์3    - $ 60 per day
  5. Costs for medical care  in case of evacuation.
  6. Sleeping-bag, equipment.
  7. Personal expenses (drinks, cigarettes, souvenirs etc.)

Conditions of cancellation:

In order to reserve the route it is necessary to make a contribution in the amount of $ 500, in case of cancellation the contribution shall not be returned.


Using the own

$ 4 500

Using the leased อเ motorcycle:

$ 4   500 + lease of the motorcycle