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September 2005

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005This idea was up in the air for about three years. And as far as I remember there was only one name for it Peace March.

The idea (as well as its implementation into reality) belongs to motor-community Bastards of Moscow, precisely to Lesha Ritual-man and Oleg Scissors, who, by the way, is a native of Grozny himself.

So one fine day of August evening a Ritual-man called and said that all organizational questions had been solved and invited us to take part in motor race Moscow-Grozny-Moscow. The exact date of departure was kept secret till the last day, apparently for the sake of good order.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005There were the whole twenty two dare-devils for the risk trip. This is, firstly, the skeleton of above motor-club, and secondly, the representatives of two friendly republics Taras from Moldavia and Roman Ivanovich from Belorussia (Rolling Anarchy MCC). The string was also accompanied by two cars it was a jeep with photo-video operators (even a famous in a clubby bonhomie MotoHelp changed his occupation for photo-artists!) and a bus, which drove the team of stunt-riders Terehovo 13 with all their R1 and quadra-cycles.

So by such a gay company early morning of September 13 this year we went from Mother of all Russian cities. The first day we have run up to Rostov which is on Don. The second day we rushed to Baksanskoe gorge near Elbrus, somewhere in Tirnauz and passed offices with balkarsky children. They showed us banners with anti-terrorist appeals and undamped wish to take our autographs, and we, in exchange drove them on motors around the stadium.

The third day of a trip was the most exciting for me, because having passed Ossetia and Ingooshetia, we drove into Chechnia. Besides, after a talk with guys I found out that neither of them had told relatives where he had been going to for someone it was a legend about sea-trip, someone went to Kislovodsk, and someone as well as I did, just went to Rostov .

On the entrance to Chechnia we were met by three cars of RPD (road-patrol duty) with bearded, armed cap-a-pie inspectors. As it turned out later they were personal guardians of Ramzan Kadirov, who properly invited us to the Republic.

At the boarder with Chechnia we have given the last instructions keep together, the speed of moving is 110- 120 km/h ., not to go to bushes, because there is a chance to meet a mortar bomb

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005In 90 km . from the administrative border of Ingooshetia is Grozny , all in ruins. There are many people and cars in the streets. Almost all men are armed. They are dressed in different clothes: someone is in spotted, others are in black uniforms. Stopped at GSS in the center of the city we have been surrounded by natives, - they have never seen so many foreign motorcycles

All the questions have been so familiar: how much does it plow? How much does it cost?

Having passed Grozny , Argun, we entered Gudermes, where we, without a stop, were directed to the stadium. The first Vise-Prime Minister of the Republic, Ramzan Kadirov and youths of the city, occupied all the tribunes, were waiting for us.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005After salutary words our stuntmen from Terehovo 13 center worked out a programme of bouncing and stopping. Pep demonstration of Nikolay Kudryavtsev on quadra-cycle finished in a way that Kadirov himself asked to try to bounce in a quadra. And he was a success! These shots flew through all information agencies of the world!

The DJ of this action was Lesha Ritual-man. He emblazed the audience with passionate speeches.

And they, in reply, being on the race track, showed a real Chechen lezginka.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005Oh, by the way! I almost forgot. There was a great and terrible Maikl Taison with us at the stadium. Tall and heavy enough afroamerican behaved rather timidly and excelled among a crowd of guests perhaps only by the color of his skin.

Generally, the holiday was a success. Besides there was a final box competition named after Ahmed Hagy Kadirov in Gudermes that day in a new sport-complex.

In the evening that day we were invited to Ramzan Kadirov into a family settlement Tsentoroy. We were welcomed by hospitable host, who said at the meeting that he hadn't awaited that bikers would have had courage to come to Chechnia.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005Our string went from Tsentoroy to Gudermes when it was dark. It was striking that along the way, and this was 25- 30 km ., in every 100- 150 meters there were submachine gunners at the edge of the road, who stared into the darkness of valley which was there. The task of submachine gunners is to prevent fire units as they appear from the valley. As they explained to us, later such precautions would be taken only in special cases. For example when Moscow bikers come.

On the second day of our being in Chechnia we went along Grozny with the overview excursion. Firstly, we were present at the building of the first and sole Orthodox Church. Secondly, we visited the Christian cemetery, which in these later days according to the authorities was being formed to the normal condition. It was mine-studded, stuffed, and the road to it was poured with building garbage. Now there are fifteen Chechen women who work at the cemetery clean up and take out the garbage. It is very pleasant to see such relation of Chechens Thirdly, we have visited the Chechen State University (CHSU), where 16000 students are studying!!!

But the main event was made by our stuntmen. It was a regular show of stand-riding at the square named after A. Kadirov.

There were maybe five thousand people there. People were sitting on hedges, poles, cars, and there even were some braves who were lifted in excavator basket

Maybe it was at the square where I understood why we had come to Chechnia. I saw a surprise in the eyes of people when they stared at motorcycles, how astonished they were, when heard that we had come on our own from Moscow . Moscow for them is something ephemeral, far.

When guys unloaded cross motorcycles from the bus, a man about 55 came out of the crowd. He came nearer and began to talk, saying that some time before a war he had been the trainer of motor-cross in a Voluntary Society of Assistance to Army and Fleet (VSAAF) and that he never had thought that he would have seen such a technique

He was talking and tears were running down his unshaved gray bristle

Strong emotions

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005War in Chechnia is going on for 12 years. Chechens themselves compare it with three Great Patriotic Wars. They say that it is very hard, psychologically, to live in a ruined city and every day to be the witness of ruined houses where there is a tragic story in connection with each of them.

The city really looks like Stalingrad after a battle

People live in half-damaged multistory buildings, naturally without heating, light, water

There are no entertainments in Grozny . There are no cinemas, theatres, exhibitions. Rock-concert, planned for July has been delayed by federal authorities for reasons of safety. The only reminder of it is mockingly left banners in the streets.

People are tired of war. They want positive energy. Young people of 15-20 have never in their lives seen Russians without uniform and arms. And we are like aliens, extraterrestrials

Having been there you understand that the war has a terrible face. After the stories of witnesses you look at the events differently. Many innocent civil people are dead.

And thank God, the Republic rises from the ashes People trust Kadirov. People believe that Ramzan will never betray and sell out.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005News about our arrival flew all over Republic. Our string time after time met was by motor-horns, salutations We were welcomed visitors. Such foolhardy guys who have spitted upon danger and with their own example show that Russians, represented by us really assist long-suffered Chechen people.

Once sitting at the table Kadirov's assistant Muslim said, that before that he had imagined bikers as gangsters, but they appeared to be decent people

We really had fun

We would like to make such motor-crosses traditional and annual

We would like to thank the Fund of the Hero of Russia Ahmed Kadirov for the organization of the motor-cross, to thank sponsors the Federal Net Company and BMW Motorrad Russia . And also all guys who took part in a race, who supported each other in this very interesting but, however still, a dangerous action.

MOTO RUN PEACE. Moscow-Grozniy-Moscow. September 2005





September 2005 .